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Unwrapping Plastic: A Look at Food and Beverage Containers


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It’s so often that we find plastic containers holding our food and beverages that we may not think twice about potential health and environmental consequences. But, according to a growing body of evidence, there may be reasons to be concerned. On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the production, use, and disposal of plastic food and beverage containers.


Debra Ramirez and Edgar Mouton, Jr., Mossville Environmental Action Now; attorney Monique Harden, National Black Environmental Justice Network; Nancy Evans, Breast Cancer Fund; Theo Colborn, World Wildlife Fund’s Wildlife and Contaminants Program; Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Cornell University’s Program for Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors; Tim Krupnik, Ecology Center; Rob Krebs, American Plastics Council; Pat Costner, author of We All Live Downstream.

For more information:

Breast Cancer Fund – San Francisco, CA

World Wildlife Fund – Washington, DC

Program for Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors
Cornell University – Ithaca, NY

Mossville Environmental Action Now – Sulphur, LA

Ecology Center – Berkeley, CA

Pat Costner
Author of “We All Live Downstream”

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Author: Radio Project

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