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Artful Resistance


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Different forms of expression in music and art can serve as powerful tools of dissent — weakening the established order. Social movements of our time have been inspired by great leaders and orators, but also by the anonymous voices of the Selma Freedom choir, the puppetry of World Bank protestors, and the rhymes of Urban teenagers. On this program, we take a look at the role art plays in resistance. We’ll hear from musicians, actors, and poets, who speak to the issues of justice through the language of art.


Dan Gretton, writer and teacher with Platform, a performance art collective; James Marriott, sculptor and naturalist with Platform; Jane Trowell, art history teacher and musician with Platform; Mario Hardy Ramirez, AWOL magazine; Brutha Los, Company of Prophets; Rashidi Omari, Company of Prophets; Picolia, Mindseye Arts Collective.

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Platform – London, England

AWOL Magazine -Philadelphia, PA

Company of Prophets

Author: Radio Project

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