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Art is Our Weapon: A Conversation With Climbing Poetree


Award winning performance duo, Alixa and Naima of Climbing PoeTree talk about their art, revolution and evolution on this week's show.

Alixa and Naima are two poets who together make up Climbing PoeTree, an award winning performance duo. Mixing poetry and politics they seek to use their words to educate and inspire. On this edition, we hear performances by Climbing PoeTree and hear how their performances have evolved over the years.


Alixa and Naima, Climbing PoeTree performance poets

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Author: IreneFlorez

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  1. Great interview with Alixa and Naima! They are deep and their poetry is too–very “innertaining”. What came through to me was their optimism in a world desperately in need of hope. I appreciate that they give voice–as they say–to those not recognized by the dominant culture, and they do it in a most artful, intelligent, and soulful way. They are powerful young, queer, women of color and our world needs them. Thank you for broadcasting this program.

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  2. Words can’t express how much your guest moved me… Moved me to what? Moved within me… Awakened what has always been open to truth and light… I hope it – I, will not go back to sleep.

    Thank you so much!
    Climbing PoeTree
    They have a new fan in me!

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  3. these 2 women brought me to tears. the tears came from facing the truth. i was giving up and now i won’t stop. women will heal this planet if anyone can. and i have to admit i do not consider myself a feminist (whatever that means), and at the moment i still adore the opposite sex, but i do recognize that things have cycles and the masculine, active, etc. energy has run it’s course and life as we know it requires the natural transition to receptive, feminine healing. clilmbing poetree expresses the truth and what is necessary so eloquently and concisely. much love, thank you for bring them and sharing with US! <3

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  4. I love your work. It has inspired me to work with young people who live in the slums of my country. Thanks

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