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Tales & Tools of Revolution: From Serbia to Egypt

A new generation is telling their stories of overthrowing corrupt regimes. And in the digital age, their lessons can spread more quickly than ever before. We’ll hear from Egyptian, Serbian, and Azerbaijani activists, about their work to topple undemocratic rulers.


Bees: The Threatened Link in Food Security

Honey bees help pollinate 1 in every 3 bites we eat. But they’re fighting to survive, in a world filled with pesticides and parasites. We’ll learn about colony collapse disorder and hear from beekeepers, researchers, and gardeners who are trying to protect the honey bee.


The War You Don’t See

Was mainstream media in cahoots with government forces in the lead up to the Iraq War? In his film, “The War You Don’t See,” Australian journalist John Pilger reveals the how American and British journalists contributed to the drumbeat of war, and how they could have prevented the invasion of Iraq.


Presumed Guilty: American Muslims and Arabs (9-11 Encore Edition)

American Arabs and Muslims are under the microscope, and many feel demonized and say they are living in fear of arrest. On this edition, we’ll hear stories about the past 10 years of anti-Arab profiling and prosecution. We also look at parallels with the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.