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Presumed Guilty: American Muslims and Arabs (9-11 Encore Edition)


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Inter-Faith Protest Rally Against Islamophobia and Peter King's Congressional Hearings on Muslim Radicalization 2011 Credit: asterix611/ Flickr

American Arabs and Muslims are under the microscope, from Capitol Hill, to your local shopping mall. Some communities feel demonized and say they are living in fear of arrest. On this edition, we’ll hear stories about the past 10 years of America’s homeland war on Muslims and Arabs. We’ll also hear about racial profiling during previous war times.


Veena Dubal, Asian Law Caucus National Security and Civil Rights Program Staff Attorney; Lejla Duka, family member of the Fort Dix Five; Dominick Calsolaro, Albany Common Council Member; Noor Elashi, daughter of Ghassan Elashi of the Holy Land 5; Shaheena Parveen, mother of Siraj Matin; Marlene Jenkins, mother of Tarik Shaw; Sharmin Sadequee, sister of Shifa Sadequee; Tamer Mehanna, brother of Tariq Mehanna; Fred Korematsu, formerly interned Japanese American; John Frank, Clerk to Associate Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black; Tsuyako Kitashima, Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress spokesperson; Donald Tamaki, lawyer for Fred Korematsu; Peter Irons, UC San Diego Constitutional Law Professor.


NYC Town Hall on Preemptive Prosecution

Full audio from December 2010 NYC Town Hall featuring family members of “wrongly accused” terrorists. Recorded by Jaisal Noor.

Full-length Interview with Veena Dubal, Staff Attorney with the Asian Law Caucus

Dubal talks about Preemptive Prosecutions, racial profiling, Department of Justice and White House strategies, and the effect they have on Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities. Is there a valid comparison to the Japanese internment during WWII?


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