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Two Years After Katrina: Still Weathering the Storm

It’s been two years since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast.
Two years since the levees broke and changed the face of an entire city, state and region.
And despite hopeful signs of renewal, New Orleans and many parts of the Gulf Coast are still in disrepair. So how much has really changed? How much has stayed the same?


Beyond Bars: Community Resistance to Prison Expansion

In the U.S., more than more than 2 million people live behind prison bars. Dr. Ruth Gilmore, a professor of geography at the University of Southern California and a long-time prison activist, extracts lessons from more than two decades of on-the-ground community organizing against what’s been termed the “biggest prison building project in the history of the world.”


Catch of the Day: Mercury (encore edition)

On this edition, we go to the San Francisco Bay. Joined by a public health analyst, we’ll talk to local fisherman, new moms, restaurant-goers and the E.P.A. about mercury.


Musicians, Migrants and All That Jazz

On this edition, correspondent Reese Erlich talks with musicians to learn how the historic New Orleans music scene endures and how new influences are bringing hope to the struggling city.


War Made Easy: Norman Solomon on Media and Militarism

Film producers at the Media Education Foundation have adapted Solomon’s book “War Made Easy” into a documentary. Community screenings are also being organized – including a benefit premiere in Oakland for Making Contact.