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Musicians, Migrants and All That Jazz


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Musicians have always been the heart and soul of New Orleans and like everyone else in the flood damaged city, they’re struggling to survive. Two years after the disaster, only half of the residents have returned, and large swaths of the region remain as uninhabitable as the day the levees broke. And yet the bands play on.

On this edition, correspondent Reese Erlich talks with musicians to learn how the historic New Orleans music scene endures and how new influences are bringing hope to the struggling city.

The Tremé Brass Band belts out a tune during the One New Orleans jazz funeral procession. Source: Kevin Horan for USN&WR

The Tremé Brass Band belts out a tune during the "One New Orleans" jazz funeral procession. Source: Kevin Horan for USN&WR

Trumpeter Terence Blanchard, world famous jazz artist and composer; Wilhelmina Blanchard, mom; Spike Lee, independent filmmaker, writer, producer, director; Keith Frasier, Rebirth Brass Band; Wynton Marsalis, trumpeter and composer; Shannon Powell, New Orleans jazz drummer; Marissa Rodriguez, hosts Mexican music show in New Orleans; Wilfredo Guzman, a Honduran immigrant who works as a roofer; Francisco Flores, owns store in New Orleans; Joe Cabral and Rod Hodges, “The Iguanas” founding members; Javier Gutierrez, founder of the New Orleans salsa band “Vivaz.”

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Sound Editor: Matt Fidler

Interns: Puck Lo, Samson Reiny and Joaquin Palomino

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