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radio stories and voices to take action

Queer Youth Identities (encore edition)

On this edition of Making Contact, in a collaboration with KPFA’s Full Circle Apprenticeship Program, we’ll examine how queer identity intersects or collides with racial identity in the activist community.


Women Rising XII: International Changemakers Journalists in the Crosshairs

In this program we profile three independent women journalists, unbought and unbossed.


Last Rights: Respecting Diversity at the End of Life (encore edition)

On this edition, producer Claire Schoen looks at how miscommunication, stereotyping and racism influence health care for people of color as they approach death.


Mothers, Migrants and Maids of Honor

On this edition, through their own words, we pay tribute to the many working women of color who are struggling for acceptance, recognition and their rights.


Border Stories: On the Frontlines of the Immigration Debate (encore edition)

On this edition, people who’ve risked their lives to enter the U.S. undocumented share their personal stories of why they came, and what they hope for their futures and the future of immigrants in this country.