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Debating the Death Penalty


The gas chamber at San Quentin Prison, California.  Source: Gilroy Dispatch

The gas chamber at San Quentin Prison, California. Source: Gilroy Dispatch

The recent California state executions of Stanley “Tookie” Williams and Clarence Ray Allen re-ignited the debate over the death penalty. The state taking a life: is it justice for the victim or revenge for a crime committed?

On this edition, we’ll hear from several sides of the argument, and about what two California lawmakers are doing to halt future executions.


Bill Pelke, chairman, National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty; Aaron Owens, former death row inmate; Harriet Salarno, mother of murdered woman and death penalty supporter; Stefanie Foucher, program director, Death Penalty Focus; Natasha Minsker, director of death penalty policy, ACLU of Northern California; Maggie Elvey, executive assistant, Crime Victims United of California.

This week’s host: Tena Rubio.
Contributing producers: Sarah Olson, Emily Polk.

For more information:

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty – Washington, D.C.

Death Penalty Focus – San Francisco, CA

ACLU of Northern California – San Francisco, CA

Crime Victims United of California – Sacramento, CA

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Author: Kwan

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