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Women Rising V: International Changemakers – Grassroots Activists

In this program we profile three courageous change makers: Shereen Essof is an advocate for democracy and land rights for women in Zimbabwe. Sahar Saba is a leader in RAWA, the underground resistance organization struggling for women’s rights and democracy in Afghanistan, and Wendy Pekeur represents farmworkers in South Africa.


Katrina Uncovers: Activism, Racism and Environmental Justice

On this second part of a special series, we’ll talk about grass roots organizations mobilizing to do the work the U.S. government cannot or will not do. And we’ll take a look at the issue of environmental justice – how much does race and poverty play a role in where Americans live?


War|Games (encore edition)

On this edition, we look at video games, movies, and war, and how the lines between each aren’t always so clear.


Katrina Uncovers: Environment, Health and Rescue

In this first part of a special series, hear the powerful stories from those who survived and find out how you can help with the relief efforts in your local communities and beyond.


Chile’s 9/11

As US citizens observe the 4th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, few realize the dark significance of that day in Chilean history. On this edition, a group of Chilean Exiles in the US reflect on the coup, and how music transformed their experience of terror into artistic expression.