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Katrina Uncovers: Activism, Racism and Environmental Justice


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Rescue of elderly New Orleans resident.  Source: Mario Tama

Rescue of elderly New Orleans resident. Source: Mario Tama

On this second part of a special series, we’ll talk about grass roots organizations mobilizing to do the work the U.S. government cannot or will not do. We’ll also take a look at the issue of environmental justice – how much does race and poverty play a role in where Americans live?


Van Jones, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Curtis Muhammad, Organizing Director for Community Labor United; Dr. Craig Colten, professor Louisiana State University; The Legendary K.O., rap group from Houston.

This week’s host: Tena Rubio.

For more information:

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights – Oakland, CA

The Legendary K.O.

Review of this program on PRX (Public Radio Exchange):

Posted: 10-05-2005
Reviewer: Michele Ernsting, documentary producer, Radio Netherlands

As someone who has followed this story closely in the international media, this program offered lots of interesting and eyebrow-raising information about the grass-roots political initiatives underway to support the victims of hurricane Katrina. It also reveals in a very clear way the bitterness and disenfranchisement some people in the region are feeling; very honest, raw opinions which contrast markedly with the polished responses offered by government officials. You really get a sense that you’re hearing the key ideas of the local leaders. The program also notes the groups which have been overlooked in the media coverage. In terms of the interviews, there are some leading questions which reveal the interviewers own perspective. But all in all a good overview of the community initiatives underway in the aftermath of this disaster.

Rating: 4/5
Adjectives: Informational, Political, Provocative

Author: Radio Project

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