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Daze of Labor, Days of Change

On this edition of Making Contact, we focus on the root of the American holiday, Labor Day: the contemporary condition of American labor.


On the Ground in Iran

In this first hand report, we hear from high-ranking officials and ordinary Iranians about U.S. threats, and about what the election of a new president will mean for the people of Iran.


Enduring Choice

On this edition we hear about the common thread that connects women from all walks of life. From prison cells, to the barrios in Fresno, California, women of color are organizing around the broad theme of reproductive justice.


Water Woes

On this edition, we’ll hear about the problem of water domestically and abroad, and the community organizers who are creating solutions. People in cities ranging from Manilla in the Philippines to Felton, California are thirsting for change.


The Past, Present and Future of Nuclear Weapons

On this edition, we look at the past, present and possible future of nuclear weapons, from the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the War on Terror.