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Reaching for Peace in the Holy Land (encore edition)

On this week’s edition of Making Contact, Israeli women defend Palestinian human rights at military checkpoints near Jerusalem.


From Cradle to Grave: The Impact of Electronics (encore edition)

On this week’s edition we take a closer look at what our gadgets are doing to our environment.


The Chemical Industry’s Toxic Toll

On this edition, we’ll look at the 20th anniversary of one of the world’s worst chemical disasters, at the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India, where we’ll hear about Occidental Petroleum’s toxic legacy at Love Canal and examine how corporate polluters are ignoring environmental causes of breast cancer.


Hiroshima and its Legacy Today

On this special edition of Making Contact, producer Reese Erlich looks at how the Hiroshima bombing set the moral and political tone for future aggression where we’ll hear from both Japanese and American atomic bomb survivors, and from today’s anti-nuke activists.


Four More Years: Communities of Color Organize

On this edition, we’ll hear from four activist leaders from communities of color addressing a number of issues related to the election: How did people of color vote? What was the media spin? And what challenges lie ahead over the next four years?