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Tax the Rich, Help Save America?

We take a look at a tax revolt movement you might not have heard about, including upper income folks asking for tax increases on themselves.  And we compare the tax burdens and benefits in Europe and the United States. 


Are We Fighting Bush’s War on Sin?

Author and professor Ira Chernus, examines the connections between conservative religious doctrine, “moral values,” and the Bush Administration’s national security policies.


Left, Right and Christian (part 2)

On this special edition, part two of “Left, Right and Christian,” we look at faith politics in conservative Orange County, CA and discovered a few surprises in our search.


Left, Right and Christian (part 1)

On this special edition, the first of a two-part series, we journey through the reddest county in the nation – Orange County, California. Along the way, we visit with a Catholic relief worker, politically passionate churchgoers and grassroots organizers.


Right Wing Movements Around the World

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the Right-Wing movements around the world.


The Right-Wing Stuff: Movement Conservatives in the U.S.

On this program, we take a look at some of the components of the Far Right. We also examine the Religious Right and its ties to the Bush Administration.

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