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Don’t Let Them See You Bleed: PERIOD

Don’t Let Them See You Bleed: PERIOD

Don’t Let Them See You Bleed Don’t Let Them See You Bleed: PERIOD examines the feminist movement through the lens of period activism. We will look at aspects of women’s health and social justice that are often overlooked – From period stigma to the unfair tax on feminine hygiene products and the fight to regulate and disclose ingredients in tampons and maxi pads.  We’ll hear from activists, researchers,...

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2013 Year in Review

Making Contact’s media mission is to give voice to those who don’t usually make it on to the airwaves. We look back on how we did in 2013 and bring you up to date on our most compelling and resonating stories of the year. From pregnant women in prison who’ve been mistreated; to the tomato fields of Florida, where the power of community radio helps workers take action. Then out west, to a national forest in California, where wildfires...


Demystifying Unions with Bill Fletcher Jr.

Unions are getting weaker, and even more threatening, says labor leader and author Bill Fletcher Jr., the general public no longer understands or supports organized labor. Progressive Radio’s Matthew Rothschild interviews Fletcher about why working Americans and unions have lost touch with one another, and what might be done to turn that around.


The War You Don’t See

Was mainstream media in cahoots with government forces in the lead up to the Iraq War? In his film, “The War You Don’t See,” Australian journalist John Pilger reveals the how American and British journalists contributed to the drumbeat of war, and how they could have prevented the invasion of Iraq.


Who Won the Egyptian Revolution?

Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship is gone, but a military council now rules Egypt, and has kept much of Mubarak’s repressive apparatus. Meanwhile, extremist Islamist groups want to adopt undemocratic, right-wing policies. Producer Reese Erlich goes to Cairo to ask: “Who Won the Egyptian Revolution?”

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