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International Schedule

International Radio Stations
and Webcasters that air Making Contact

Sorted by country, province, city, dial position.

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Edmunton 88.0 FM CJSR Thursday 11:30am (Mountain)
British Columbia
Prince George 88.7 FM & 101.5 cable-FM CFUR Friday 10:30am (Pacific)
Vancouver 102.7 FM CFRO Co-op Radio Tuesday 1:30pm (Pacific)
Victoria 101.9 FM, 104.3 cable-FM CFUV Campus Community Radio Saturday 6:00am (Pacific)
Victoria 900 AM CKMO Village 900 occasionally
Winnipeg 95.9 FM CKUW Community & Campus Radio Tuesday 10am, Thursday 12:30pm (Central)
New Brunswick
Fredericton 97.9 FM CHSR Monday 1:30pm (Eastern)
Saint John 92.5 FM CFMH Wednesday 12:30pm (Eastern)
St. Johns 93.5 FM CHMR Monday 10am (Eastern)
Nova Scotia
Halifax 88.1 FM CKDU Friday 7am (Atlantic Standard Time)
Guelph 93.3 FM CFRU Monday 11:30am (Eastern)
Hamilton 93.3 FM CFMU occasional weekdays 9am (Eastern)
London 94.9 FM CHRW Wednesday 6:30pm, Thursday 6:30am (Eastern)
North York 105.5 FM CHRY occasionally
Sudbury 96.7 FM CKLU Campus & Community Radio * on hiatus
Toronto 88.1 FM CKLN occasional Sunday mornings
Toronto 89.9 FMCKRG Radio Glendon Thursday 11am (Eastern)
Waterloo 100.3 FM & 95.5 cable-FM CKMS Radio Waterloo Wednesday 9:30am, Thursday 5pm (Eastern)
Windsor 91.5 FM CJAM Friday 8am (Eastern)
Lennoxville 88.9 FM, Videotron 103.9 cable-FM, Cogeco 104.7 cable-FM CJMQ Thursday 11am (Eastern)
Montreal 90.3 FM & 91.7 cable-FM CKUT Tuesday 11:30am every other week (Eastern)


Ireland    (back to top)

Dublin 99.1 FM Tallaght FM


SOUTH AFRICA     (back to top)

Salt River 89.5 FM BUSH Radio Wednesday 9pm (South Africa Time)


WEBCASTERS – Internet-only radio stations     (back to top)

American-FM several times a week at various times
Boise Community Radio Saturday 7am (Mountain)
Driftless Community Radio Wednesday 6:35pm (Central)
The Journey – Christian Hit Music For A New Generation Saturday 8am (Central)
IPR – Internet Partnership Radio Monday and Friday, 12midnight and 12:30am (Eastern)
KCSC Tuesday 4:30pm (Pacific)
KPFTi on-demand
LUVR Love Radio Underground Friday 6:30pm (Pacific)
Progressive Radio Network Tuesday 2:30pm (Eastern Time)
Radical Radio several times a week – see broadcast schedule
Radio Free Veronica Thursday 2am, 8am, 2pm, 8pm and Sunday 4am, 10am, 4pm, 10pm (Eastern)
Radio-Wizz Monday at 9:30pm (Eastern)
RFPI Radio For Peace International Tuesday 11:30am, Saturday 1:30pm (Pacific), repeating every 4 hours
SF Liberation Radio several times a week at various times
SnippetRadio Monday 12:30pm, Wednesday 3pm, Thursday 8:30am (Eastern)
Stop and Go Radio various times every weekend
Whole Wheat Radio various times every week
XFSR Frostburg Student Radio
(Intranet – Frostburg State University students only)
Wednesday 11am (Eastern)