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Get Making Contact Heard In Your Community

Get Making Contact Heard in Your Community

Radio Stations – get more info tailored to your needs.

Grassroots Groups, Community Members and Teachers, read on…

1. Use Making Contact at a meeting or in your classroom to inform and inspire:

CDs and transcripts of Making Contact  programs have been used in high school and college classrooms, senior centers, parish education programs, social change campaigns, newsletters, libraries, and many other public forums.

“Making Contact covers issues long before they become the news of the day and re-examines their unfolding political, social and economic ramifications long after the news of the day is past.”
– Lori Wallach, Director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Contact us to talk more about using Making Contact in your group.

2. Bring Making Contact to your local radio station:

Every week, Making Contact brings you inspiring stories with a diversity of voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media. You can help us grow the number of stations that carry Making Contact, to get those stories heard.

Making Contact is distributed FREE to noncommercial stations. There are hundreds of noncommercial stations in the USA and elsewhere that could be airing it. Most stations air Making Contact every week, others prefer once or twice a month.

Radio stations air programs their listeners want to hear.

If your favorite public/community radio station does not air Making Contact, or only occasionally airs it, ASK FOR IT. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a phone call or email to the station or (better) a note sent in with your pledge-drive check.

Before you contact a station, please double-check the Radio Schedules and always contact us first.

Some radio stations will need more information about Making Contact. Also, once the program is on, stations need encouraging feedback from you, their listeners.

The most successful efforts to get – and keep – Making Contact on a radio station originate from individuals and groups who work closely with our outreach and distribution team. We will give you all the materials, information and support you need. To get started, contact us.