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Get Involved With Desks

Making Contact’s Desks give you the opportunity to be involved in the issues that are closest to your heart. There are several ways to get involved with a Desk:

  1. Join our volunteers and grassroots activists. You can get involved in radio production! Do you have ideas for 6-minute radio segments or whole 29-minute installments of Making Contact? Send us your ideas for topics, angles, and interviewees.
    • Pitch us a program – see our Pitching Guidelines
    • Record a speech
    • Transcribe recorded tape
    • Research a topic
    • Network with community groups
    • Help with fact checking
    • Design an outreach flyer for this desk
    • Give us feedback on a radio program
    • Table at an event
    • Organize a fundraising houseparty
    • Learn basic interviewing, audio editing, and radio production skills, and then turn around and teach someone else.
  2. Freelance Journalists: Submit material for a possible upcoming show. Formal pitches for entire programs or segments are welcome – please see our Submission Guidelines.
  3. Make a donation to our work and restrict it to the Desk or Topic you are most passionate about

If any of these sounds appealing to you, please contact Lisa Rudman at lrudman [at]