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Indigenous Fellowship Invitation

Community Storytelling Fellowship:  Request for Applications

Making Contact social justice radio is now seeking applications for our next Community Storytelling Fellowship, Indigenous Solutions and Climate Crisis

Who: Applicants are indigenous activists in Bay Area indigenous-led movements that address the climate crisis and lead around a vision of respect for the earth and its peoples.

What:  The Fellow will work with a Making Contact producer to create a broadcast-ready radio segment on their work within Bay Area indigenous led movements that are addressing climate crisis and protecting the land.

The Fellow commits to ten hours a week for ten weeks; the pay is $150 a week, total is $1500.

We will incorporate the fellow’s piece into a full-length radio program, contextualizing the stories within concepts of biocultural diversity. (See the story of Vincent Medina on Chochenyo language recovery set in the context of the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota)

When:  Applications are open and will close March 22, 2017. (extended by demand –spread the word )

Where:  San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area


See general information about our community storytelling fellowships

With assistance from the Christensen Fund, we have dedicated two paid fellowships to provided a platform for the voices of Bay Area indigenous activists.  So far, we’ve completed one of those fellowships as the 8th since 2015.

We believe that our degraded environment is related to the oppression and widespread disrespect for the plurality of cultures in the Bay Area. Exploring indigenous vision and leadership in climate movements, via radio storytelling, will help listeners get a sense of the history and biocultural diversity of this place. We are driven not only by the pain of damage done, but by the power of reawakening solutions and the hopefulness how truly beautiful our lives could be if the earth and her people were respected. We are hungry to get working on this project.

How:  To apply for this fellowship go to  Enter your information and your idea or “pitch” for what your story would be about, including what voices and locations listeners would hear.

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