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Comments from Listeners, Radio Stations, Activists and Donors: Please share with us how you use Making Contact by writing to

From our listeners…

“I have enjoyed listening to the Welfare Radio Collaborative programming. I’m a single mom of three, domestic violence survivor, with a child who has a disability and a TANF success story. It’s exciting to hear women on welfare are finally being heard!”
– Jeanette Maldonado, CA Tribal TANF Partnership

“I reached the Making Contact address when I typed “TRANSCRIPT AND MP3” on the Google, trying to find stuffs for my English studies.
Well, I have to say that I got amazed about the subjects and their quality.
Since then I visit this site to download the mp3 files in order to listen to
the excelent interviews and matters. Thank you!”
Enio Souza, Brazil

“You present one of the best mp3 format programs on the Internet today. Discovering Making Contact has been like finding a shining gem floating in a sea of mediocrity. Your program is superior in many ways–you report in depth with strong journalistic integrity. I have enjoyed listening to dozens of your programs.”
– Randy Rambo, Keaau, HI

“Thank you for helping to expose the water pirates/profiteers. We’re fighting one of the biggest here in Maine – Nestle (who likes to hide behind the homegrown Poland Spring label.) I’d love to receive a free Listener Packet of additional print materials on water issues.”
– Kate Harris, Belfast, ME

“Thank you for the tapes! We’ve listened to them at our anti-capital punishment group at school and are using the information to help educate others.”
– Carl Glissmeyer, Tualatin High School, Tualatin, OR

“Please let me thank you for doing such a great job. I appreciate what you do greatly. Because your radio programmes cover a wide range of English accents spoken by different people, and also the subjects that you choose are of our close interest, we are benefiting from the intellectual aspects and the linguistic aspects.”
– Burak Sakir, an English teacher from Turkey who uses Making Contact in translation classes

“Thank you for your great work! There are very few quality journalists left today and you are one of them!”
– Tom Bik and Laurel Toussaint (Illinois)

“Hi Radio Project! Oh My god, thank you so much- oh my goddess- I was really heartened- it (Spirituality, Moriality and the Left #46-05) was a very touching and heartening program- really important your part that your playing in terms of- in bringing people together from different sources from different backgrounds and bringing them together-and allowing them to hear one another. This program was tremendous and helpful- THANK YOU.”
– Olivia Corson, California

“Thanks a lot for your programs, especially this one (Spirituality, Moriality and the Left #46-05), its very refreshing! good to hear, it instills hope-to folks out there and that people are acting and its good to hear the voices of a mini-revolution….it instills a lot of hope and thank you so much for your work.”
– Richard Holmes, New Mexico

“I am a recent purchaser of an iPod nano. Two days ago I figured out the podcasting thing and I am a subscriber to radioproject and just listened to Spirituality, Morality and the Left (#46-05).  I am finding these podcasts to be a major wow!  Sort of the Tivo of radio, however I can listen to programs I never could otherwise.  I found the program well produced and a perfect length for walking the dog.”
– Dave Nunley, Brea Congregational Church (California)

“I listen to your program intently as you tell the truth when no one else does. Your program is awesome.”
– Sandra (Georgia)

“I really do get hyped when I hear the show. It gives me a sense of hope.”
– James Hammett, Jr., Texas

“In these times of gross inequities, exploitation, and environmental destruction, it is vital — really essential — to be informed and have a clear analysis of events…I have been tremendously impressed with the National Radio Project’s work, integrity, and the light Making Contact shines in the mediocrity of mass media misinformation.”
– Marilyn Garrett, Elementary School Teacher, California

“The programs are so rich in information that even those that (stations) repeat are terrific to hear a second or third time as I’ll hear something new each time!”
– Jim Claydo, Touchstone Gallery, North Carolina

“The radio broadcast featuring our Tribal Spokesman, Rudy James, generated a lot of positive response…thank you for your interest in the welfare of our Peoples and the issues that impact our lives.”
– Dianna Wynne, Kuye’De Tribal Council, Alaska

Making Contact has been an invaluable asset for the entire progressive community in my town of Bloomington, Indiana. There is no other program which compares on the entire radio dial.”
– Chris Gaal, Reporter, Bloomington Voice, Indiana

“It is refreshing to hear a radio program that addresses issues without the propaganda that turns me away from news coverage like Newsweek.”
– Gwyneth Mogg-Hall, Student, Taos High School, New Mexico

“I have to say that in a nation where the media is truly polluted, your company’s broadcasts are truly a breath of fresh air…There is an old saying that no one is so blind as one who will not see. It also holds true that no one is so deaf as one who will not listen.”
– Bill Stanley, TFH International Trade & Consulting, Texas

From guests on our shows…

“You did a lovely job of conveying the problems and hopes of the worker
community and their advocates. Thank you very much.”
– Luz M. Molina, Clinical Professor, Loyola University College of Law
Founder and director, Workplace Justice Project
Guest on New Orleans Now: Immigrants, Labor Rights and the
Human Cost of Rebuilding an American City – Part 2

“The entire experience of the Making Contact profile on my project was empowering and fortifying. The sensitivity and intelligence of the crew was unparalleled and the attention the profile has brought to New Orleans has been utterly positive.”
– Elizabeth Underwood, Art in Action Founder, New Orleans, LA
Guest on New Orleans Now: Can Art Help Heal a Broken City?

From radio stations…

“KRZA still airs Making Contact Thursday evenings at 7:00. It remains the “gold standard” among the dozen or so alternative news programs we carry. The content is always interesting, often compelling, and the
production values are exemplary. KRZA is proud to be able to carry the program. Please let everyone on the production team know that I am most appreciative of their work. Making Contact makes KRZA a better radio station than we could be without it.”
– Debbie Nichols, Program Director
KRZA 88.7 FM Community Radio, Alamosa, CO

“We’ve received a lot of favorable feedback from some of our listeners regarding the topics on Making Contact. I love the program and hope that the National Radio Project plans on producing it for a long time to come”
– Diana Fabbri, Operations Manager
WOMR 92.1 FM Outermost Radio, Provincetown/Cape Cod, MA

“We’re really thrilled to be carrying Making Contact. It’s very popular… an incredibly well done program. My compliments to you. Keep up the incredibly good work.”
– Rev. Rob Weiter, General Manager
The Journey Radio

“Your program is one of the most carefully mixed and produced segments we air. The mix of voices makes it quite interesting to listen to. I have gotten phone calls asking me “Who is that woman speaking now?” People seem to listen carefully when the voice of someone who is obviously not a media professional comes on. The technical quality is excellent. The high-quality mp3 version is indistinguishable from the CD version, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sloppy transition on the show.”
– Jim Giddings, Co-host
“Thinking Out Loud” on WUML 91.5 FM, Lowell, MA

“Your shows are blockbusters – topics that are omitted from mainstream media coverage.”
– Charlotte Hatch, Station Manager
SF Liberation Radio

“Making Contact is timely, relevant and well produced. We recently added Making Contact to our schedule and it performed great in our pledge drive.”
– Mary Aigner, Program Director
KZYX & Z 90.7 FM and 91.5 FM, Philo, CA

“We are very selective about airing pieces from outside producers. We have a very demanding audience who expect our public affairs programming to be incisive and on the cutting edge. Making Contact consistently lives up to these standards. It is a very popular show and we receive direct and positive feedback.”
-Kathleen Stephenson, Public Affairs Director
KBOO 90.7 FM (, Portland, OR

Making Contact has become one of our most popular public affairs programs. We receive many requests for more information about topics covered in the program… Making Contact is a vital part of our commitment to providing timely and important information to our audience.”
-Joe Cutroni, Jr., Station Manager
WCUW 91.3 FM, Worcester, MA

“I greatly appreciate Making Contact! It has no reduction to twenty second sound bites. It features issues of real import, rather than ones designed to titillate. And it provides long-distance tutoring for new programmers who are trying to develop their own sources and skills.”
– Elizabeth Robinson
KCSB 91.9 FM, Santa Barbara, CA

“We have found that the content of the shows is not only well produced and interesting, but that the issues you choose to cover are most relevant to our listeners. In surveys we have done we have found that Making Contact ranks a ’10’ from our listeners and they urge us to continue carrying the program. This is quite a compliment since our audience is very partial to programming of local and regional interest.”
-Maxine Kenny, New & Public Affairs Director
WMMT 88.7 FM, Whitesburg, KY

“Today I played the tape you sent me on global economics. The listener response was very positive. No surprise to me. When I had my show at CIUT (88.5 FM) people were always telling me how much they dug the Making Contact series…Keep up the great work.”
– Jason Kandankery, Programmer
CKRG 800 AM, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

“Thanks for your wonderful work and being an important part of our community programming.”
– Craig Kois, Faculty Advisor
WLUW 88.7FM, Loyola University, Chicago, IL

“I can’t begin to describe our gratitude for the Making Contact tapes you send us. As for our goals, we simply want to provide, for a long deprived community, the finest programs dealing with health, social issues, gender, etc., that we can. Our motivation? We lived under the most horrendous conditions for so long that any opportunity to liberate ourselves is all the motivation we need.”
– Zane Ibrahim
BUSH Radio 89.5 FM, Mowbray/Salt River, Capetown, South Africa.

From producers and trainees…

“Wow! Thank you for the really great workshop. For me it was the missing link. In the Sound Design class that I took last year, I learned all about manipulating sound but never about recording sound. I will keep in touch to join you soon on an event recording.”
– Carole Brown, Oakland, CA


From activists…

“National Radio project is Yin media. It’s the embodiment (in a rare way) of the feminine principle, in media – the way it’s run and the way it happens… and it’s very odd… in a country where politically we are ‘Yang out of control.’…National Radio Project is one of the few women led media groups and has always been dedicated to the voices of women.”
– Makani Themba-Nixon, The Praxis Project

“Democracy is in trouble as the voices and perspectives heard in the popular media reflect the narrow interests of corporations and large asset-owners. Efforts like the National Radio Project and Making Contact expand the public conversation and contribute to an informed citizenry.”
– Chuck Collins, United for a Fair Economy

Making Contact covers issues long before they become the news of the day and re-examines their unfolding political, social and economic ramifications long after the news of the day is past.”
– Lori Wallach, Director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

From donors…

NOTE: Many donors wish to remain anonymous. Those individuals will not be named here.

“I think that your tapes are fabulous educational tools. I listened to the tape on Plan Puebla Panama over and over. I loved that the tape covered the history, rationale and scope of Plan Puebla Panama, and even more, that it covered conferences organized and led by indigenous people. Your reporters understood the importance of interviewing indigenous leaders and other grassroots people, on the ground, deep in the heart of Mexico, whose voices we would never otherwise hear. Thanks for the great work!”
– Barbara Meyer, President, Bert and Mary Meyer Foundation

“I support the Radio Project, because, with one donation I feel I am contributing to hundreds of social change organizations across the country and around the world. National Radio Project enables grassroots groups and individuals to magnify both their impact and constituency by leveraging the changemaking power of the media.”
– Howard Zinn

“I’m writing to urge foundations that support long-term social change to consider funding for National Radio Project at this important time. Many foundations shy away from the media, but are increasingly aware that the same grassroots efforts we fund also need to make their voices heard in broad public venues. National Radio Project ensures those voices reach tens of thousands of listeners. National Radio Project provides an absolutely essential resource for the public at large and for the voices of the grassroots organizations working on democracy, civil rights, voting rights, environmental protections, and the health and welfare of low-income communities.”
– Elizabeth Wilcox, Common Counsel Foundation