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7 Shows to Listen to this Women’s History Month

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We’re knee deep in Women’s History Month and at Making Contact we’re celebrating the best way we know how: highlighting the stories of women making change and fighting for a better future for ourselves and all those around us along the way. 

Check out these stories from Making Contact featuring the often untold stories impacting women everyday:

1.Don’t Let Them See You Bleed: PERIOD

From period stigma to the unfair tax on feminine hygiene products and the fight to regulate and disclose ingredients in tampons and maxi pads, we hear from activists, researchers, and intellectuals who are challenging the attitudes and policies that negatively impact women on a daily basis.

2. Melissa Harris-Perry: Confronting the Stereotypes of the Black Woman

Whether it’s the mammy, the angry black female and the hyper-sexual woman, Black women have faced stereotyping as long as America has been around. In this episode Melissa Harris-Perry speaks to how these stereotypes affect the lives and opportunities of Black women everyday. 

3. The Feminist Birth of the Home Pregnancy Test

In this recent episode, we discuss Meg Crane’s invention of the home pregnancy test, the fights she faced in the name of “safety” as they were introduced to the market, and we’re left considering how the past reflects the present when it comes to reproductive justice. 

4. Women in Sports: Separate and Not Equal

Dave Zirin and Elizabeth Terzakis take a look back at the history of discrimination against women in sports, the lack of funding that has only just begun to shift, and discuss where the long battle for equality and acceptance stands today.

5. Who’s Afraid of DEI?: Interrogating Gender & Race in the Workplace (Encore)

“There was not a moment that I came into the workplace and thought that I would belong or be treated properly or equally.” 

Ruchika Tulshyan and  Ijeoma Oluo dissect the severe way in which the cross section of race and gender impacts women of color in the workplace, and how non-Black women of color are sometimes implicitly and often openly encouraged to uphold white supremacy and anti-Blackness.

6. Witch Hunts and Enclosures: Bodies, Land and Women

How are witch hunts and Capitalist economies linked? Silvia Federici investigates how the witch hunts that tightly controlled women’s speech, movement and social relationships were the pre-conditions of a flourishing capitalist society. 

7. Who Controls Black Women’s Bodies?

It might feel to some like contraception and other reproductive health services are more accessible than ever, but access for low-income women and women of color has dropped. This episode discusses the attack on Black women’s access to reproductive care and the activists fighting for the autonomy women deserve.

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