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Fallen Heroes 2022

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Thousands of social justice leaders in communities all over the world passed away this year.

We’re closing out the year, as we usually do, with inspiring words from some of the Fallen Heroes of 2022.

Special Thanks to the following for use of archival recordings: The California African American Museum, Willie Terry mediasanctuary.orgLarger Living Podcast @largerlivingMulti-Monde productionsEric Minh Swenson, Dave Id

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  • Clyde Bellecourt, AIM Co-Founder
  • Kellie E. Jones, Hans Hoffman Professor of Modern Art at Columbia University
  • Samella Lewis, Creator of the Museum of African American Art
  • Mariah Lopez, STARR Executive Director
  • Rusty Mae Moore, Founder of Transy House
  • Angaza Laughinghouse & Saladin Muhammad, Co-Founding Members of Black Workers for Justice
  • Substantia Jones, Fat Liberation Photo Activist
  • Cat Pausé, Senior Lecturer at Massey University
  • Pyxie Castillo, Deputy Secretary General of Gabriela USA
  • Nelia Sancho, Founder of Gabriela
  • Brian Drayton, Founder of Spokes National
  • Tony Coleman, Founder of Bikes 4 Life
  • Albert Woodfox, Member of the Angola 3


  • Guest Producer: Andrew Stelzer

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  • Executive Director: Jina Chung
  • Senior Producer: Jessica Partnow
  • Staff Producers:  Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani, Amy Gastelum, and Lucy Kang

Author: Radio Project

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