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The Pseudo-Science of Whiteness: Biology as a Social Weapon ENCORE 

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This week, filmmaker Stephanie Welch explores the role that racist, unscientific propaganda has played in promoting white supremacy in the U.S. She traces the history of the Pioneer Fund, the primary funding source for research that claims to demonstrate that people of color are genetically and intellectually inferior. The Fund used such research to lobby for eugenic policies like forced sterilization and the restrictive 1924 Immigration Act, and to wage an unprecedented PR campaign to prevent passage of the Civil Rights Act.

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  • William H. Tucker, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Rutgers, and Author of “The Funding of Scientific Racism: Wickliffe Draper and the Pioneer Fund”
  • Joseph Levin, Co-Founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Elaine Riddick Jessie, Sterilization Survivor and Human Rights Advocate
  • Also featured are the voices of: Nathan Damigo, White Nationalist Activist; Lana Lotkeff, Host of the “Pro-European” show Radio 3 Fourteen; Richard Lynn, Psychologist and former President of the Pioneer Fund; Carleton Putnam, Author of “Race and Reason: A Yankee View”; Philippe Rushton, Psychologist and former President of the Pioneer Fund; William Shockley, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Eugenics Advocate; Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute; James Q. Wilson, Political Scientist


  • Writer/Producer: Stephanie Welch
  • Editor: Monica Lopez
  • Engineer and Music Supervisor: Emily Harris
  • Executive Director: Sonya Green

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  • Executive Director: Jessica Partnow
  • Staff Producers: Monica Lopez, Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani

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