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Making Contact is once again accepting pitches on an ongoing basis!

In 2020, the producers of Making Contact took a hiatus from accepting freelance pitches. That hiatus is over.

Do you have a story pitch that:

  • Links grassroots issues and human realities to national or international trends?
  • Gives listeners a historical, political, or social context of major national and international events?
  • Sheds light on social and economic inequities? What’s the race, class, gender, ability and geographic dynamics?
  • Explores any alternatives or solutions?

We want to hear from you.

Take a look at our increased rates (below) and Submission Guidelines.

In addition to this open call, keep an eye out for specific calls for pitches that may be of interest to you and your colleagues.

In 2022, we are particularly interested in climate change and environmental justice stories, and in stories related to redistricting in your communities in the lead up to the November midterm elections.

Please submit pitches by email to



For radio freelancers:

Level 1. $1,200 plus travel reimbursement up to $100
9-12 minute piece that will: Involve research and original reporting • Require the reporter to have substantial subject matter expertise • Involve time-consuming reporting • Have a sophisticated narrative • Might require travel by the reporter • Have sound that does not involve phone tape • Be rich in a variety of sounds demonstrative or supportive of the story.

Level 2. $750 plus travel reimbursement up to $100
9-12 minute piece that will: Involve multiple interviews • Involve interviews conducted where the interviewee is carrying on activities relevant to the story • Involve sound, scenes, and advanced radio storytelling techniques • Involve reporter having good prior knowledge of subject matter • Require editorial mentorship provided by Making Contact

Other lengths and repurposed content, terms discussed

We accept a range of content, including original and repurposed content to a fill 26:30-minute documentary edition, as well as unedited recordings of interviews, speeches and events. Rates vary. An exclusive is not necessary, but air dates for multiple outlets should be discussed. Please submit pitches by email to

Author: Jessica Partnow

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