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Whew! What an unbelievable year: global pandemic, uprisings for racial justice, climate emergency. Through it all we have worked hard to bring you the stories of communities committed to change. This year we explored the impact of COVID in prisons, of attacks on journalists in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, of community organizers leading the way in responding to climate change, of the voices of communities of color on election night.

For more than 25 years, we’ve made it our mission to produce social justice journalism — journalism that informs and strengthens our community, that makes our world a better place to live.

And this year, we have embarked on a path of transformation to embody our commitment to racial justice not only in our coverage, but in how we operate as an organization and in our leadership. In less than a year and a half, Executive Director Sonya Green led our staff through a successful transition to become a fully remote newsroom, built new relationships with podcast partners like The Slave is Gone and But Next Time, and developed new connections with donors and foundations, who bring an exciting new level of support to our work. Sonya has stepped back, but she leaves us on a path to building Making Contact even further as media for justice

We are poised to continue and deepen our work, to keep bringing you great shows while we reconfigure our leadership structure and build the infrastructure we need—like improved wages and benefits for staff—that will allow us to truly support our BIPOC staff, recruit and support our next leader, and live our values. This is essential work—especially these days—and it would not be possible without the support of readers like you. 

That’s why we’re excited to share that we have an opportunity to make your donation go even further this year through NewsMatch, an industry-wide movement to sustain journalism through matching gifts. Since 2016 NewsMatch has raised over $150 million to keep nonprofit journalism like ours going strong.

Here’s how it works.

Starting now—through December 31—NewsMatch will match your new monthly donation 12 times, or double your one-time gift, up to $1,000 per gift and $10,000 overall. That means that, through NewsMatch, we can earn up to $20,000.

In these troubling but exciting times, we need the kinds of stories that Making Contact brings more than ever before. If you value the critical work we do, will you give today?

Please support our programs

With deepest gratitude,

Mickey Ellinger, Yuko Kodama, Susan Gleason, and Oriana Bolden

Making Contact Board of Directors

P.S. Remember, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar now through December 31st. Please support Making Contact today and help us reach our year-end goal!

Author: Jessica Partnow

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