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Hello and an Urgent Request from Sonya

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It’s Sonya Green here, your new Executive Director, writing to you for the first time. I’m delighted to have joined Making Contact. I want to thank you for being a part of this dedicated and supportive community.

Listen, if you told me six months ago that I would start as the Executive Director of Making Contact during a pandemic and uprisings for racial justice and social change, I would not have believed that. Yet, I feel destined to be here at this moment, in this time.

A new world is forming. Socially distant but together is a way of life. Wearing a mask is a necessary part of your daily uniform. And it is no longer enough to only say Black Lives Matter, actions have to match the words.

Because corporate-owned media are part of the problem of dis-information and distraction, our independent media work is even more critical. We’re in a world where Covid-19 is disproportionately affecting Black and brown people. Black people are being killed by police, and voter suppression is widespread in parts of the country critical to the November election. We’ve been covering these issues for years.  Our in-depth stories present bold ideas and solutions that fuel movements.

What a vital time to be leading Making Contact to even more impact and sustainability!

Working with Lisa and the team this first month, I clearly see how my values align with Making Contact’s, and with yours. Together with you, we’re producing fearless journalism in the public’s service — with our values of economic equity, racial justice and gender justice for all.

At Making Contact, we hold these values dear. We know you do too. Thanks to your generous past support, these values show up in each week’s Making Contact episodes. We’re producing these stories and broadcasting to people across the country, via 150 affiliate radio stations.

So now I hope you’ll renew your support during our urgent summer fundraising campaign.

The board is calling it the Sonya’s Success and Lisa’s Legacy Fund. Your donation today of $200, $100, $50, $20 helps us stay strong against economic headwinds. Or become a sustainer at $10 a month and spread your gift throughout the year.

But I’m not here simply asking for your donation. As I embark on leading the organization, I’m in a deep listening mode. I want to hear from you- what do you hope for in this moment and in our work. I’m at

I’ve begun meeting our freelance reporters, administrative support contractors, and volunteers. So many people behind the scenes make Making Contact possible! It’s been exciting to hear about all the places and people our programs reach –150 rural and urban radio stations and thousands of individual podcast listeners all across the country.

Next, I hope to meet you on a zoom meet-up we’re planning for July 24th — details below!

Growing up in North Carolina, working as a journalist for years in Seattle, and now back in the South living in Georgia, it has been a goal of mine to showcase more stories from the southeast region as a part of the larger story of the tapestry of America and the world. Please renew your support today and you will help Making Contact expand its reach to include more stories from the South and beyond.

And as you know, we’ve always been an organization led by women passionate about change at the intersection of race, class and gender. Your donation will give more women and producers of color the chance to report and cover their communities. Supporting our outlet’s diverse ranks of media workers in this economic depression is critical to the overall health of independent media.

Making Contact is one of the few women led media groups and has always been dedicated to the voices of women.
– Makani Themba-Nixon, Chief Strategist at Higher Ground Change Strategies

Thanks to your generous support in the past, Making Contact remains an independent media source you can rely on.

Please donate today.

Wishing you safety and good health,

Sonya Green, Executive Director

P.S. Be our guest at Sonya’s Soiree on Friday, July 24. Register here for more details. See you there!

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Author: Radio Project

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