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Mrs. Hamer, Echoes

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Civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer, spoke words that are all too relevant. Today on Making Contact, you’ll hear archival recordings, and excerpts from a powerful new film featuring Fannie Lou Hamer’s contemporaries– themselves now elders. You’ll hear about the context of her life, and the lives of other sharecroppers in Mississippi from a seldom heard film produced for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee or SNCC.

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  • Amzie Moore, SNCC, The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

  • Dorie Ladner and Heather Booth, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

  • Reverend Leslie McLemore, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Sharecroppers

  • Fannie Lou Hamer




Making Contact Staff:

  • Episode Producer: Lisa Rudman
  • Episode Mixer: Anita Johnson
  • Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani, Monica Lopez


  • Original Music  – Lisa E. Williams
  • Music from Robin Hamilton’s film –  Mathew Prins, Josh Kramer, Fred Capo, Cinquequarti, ArtTune Tech, Pond 5 Music
  • Fannie Lou Hamer – Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Prelude 1  – Chris Zabriskie
  • Caravan – Blue Dot Session
  • Ergo Phizmiz
  • Cory Gray

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