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Ghosts of the Korean War: Stop THAAD

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On this edition of Making Contact, Part 2 of our Korea series by producer Marie Choi, we head to Soseongri, a small village nestled in the mountains of Seongju County. There, grandmas and grandpas in their 70s, 80s, and 90s have gone from quietly farming to organizing daily protests and blockades to stop THAAD. THAAD is part of a missile defense system that gives the U.S. the ability to carry out a nuclear first strike.

The region has historically been Korea’s conservative stronghold, but with the deployment of THAAD, people are re-evaluating the history they’ve been taught their entire lives.

Special Thanks to Io Sunwoo, Juyeon Rhee, and Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans.

Image Credit: Stop THAAD Alliance

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  • Grace Cho, Sociologist and Author of Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War
  • Shin Dong Ok, Head of Soseongri Elders Group
  • Shi Uh Yeon, Gimcheon Resident
  • Gimcheon Residents
  • Soseongri Residents 


  • Host: Marie Choi
  • Producers: Anita Johnson, Marie Choi, Monica Lopez, R.J. Lozada
  • Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
  • Audience Engagement Director/Web Editor: Sabine Blaizin
  • Development Associate: Vera Tykulsker


  • Voiceover for Shin Dong Ok: David Jang Jae Rhee
  • Voiceovers for Sosongri Halmonis: Juyeon Rhee, J.T. Takagi
  • Voiceover for Shi Uh Yeon: Juhyun Park
  • Voiceover for Gimcheon Imo: Liz Suk
  • Voiceover for Col. Turner Rogers: Claude Marks
  • Archival Audio: U.S. National Archives, AP Archives, U.S. State Department, and U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center 


  • + Rain – Jio Im and Judy Jun
  • 나그네설움 Instrumental
  • 그래도 – 오재환
  • 고향의 봄 / 도라지 – Judy Jun
  • July – Jio Im
  • 다신 돌아갈 수 없을까요- 이형주


Author: Radio Project

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