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Choosing Justice Over Fear

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Penny Rosenwasser is an activist and author of “Hope Into Practice: Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite our Fears.”  On this edition of Making Contact she reflects on her personal journey to embrace her identity as a Jewish woman while fighting for human rights for all. Listen to stories, history and poetry that explore internalized anti-Semitism and racism, victimization and privilege, and Jewish politics around Israel and Palestine.

(Photo: Penny’s grandfather Moishe’s (far left) dry goods store in Denmark, SC in the 1930s-40s.)


  • Penny Rosenwasser, Author, educator and activist with Jewish Voice for Peace
  • Smadar Lavie,  a Mizrahi U.S.-Israeli anthropologist, author, and activist
  • Kate Raphael, writer, feminist and queer activist and radio journalist
  • Kris Welch, radio producer and host
  • Aurora Levins Morales, poet


  • Producer: Lisa Rudman
  • Guest Host: Karen Gordon Brown
  • Photos:  Irene Young, Susan Freundlich
  • Music: Kaila Flexer, Ensemble Mik Nawooj,  Blue Dot Sessions, John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives, QWE, A Ninja Slob Drew Me, Varetzski Pass, Miles Jay
  • Special thanks: KPFA radio for event recording.

For More Information

  • “A life-long heartfelt rabble-rouser for social justice, I earned my Ph.D in Transformative Learning & Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. For five years I chaired the Jewish Caucus of the National Women’s Studies Association, and I’m a founding board member of Jewish Voice for Peace. I belong to Kehilla Synagogue in Oakland and teach an anti-Semitism/anti-Arabism class with a Palestinian colleague at City College of San Francisco”
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