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These photos show what it’s like to live in a tent city

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With rising rents around the country and decreased access to housing services, many people are looking for ways to aid the country’s growing homeless population.

On this week’s show we look at tent cities that have emerged in Seattle and Portland. Scroll through the photos to get a better idea of life in Seattle’s Nickelsville and Portland’s Dignity Village. Listen to reporter Sara Bernard’s report below and the entire show here.

Nicklesville Pushes Seattle Towards Acceptance of Tent Cities

Seattle is one of the only cities in the nation to have passed an ordinance formally sanctioning tent cities. Last fall, three new encampments were built on city land, with city permits and city dollars. A lot of that success can be chalked up to Nickelsville, one of Seattle’s formal tent encampments, which has been around since 2008. Reporter Sara Bernard visited Nicklesville, and brings us this report.



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