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My Body My Message: women’s bodies as tools of self-empowerment


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The female body as medium, and as message.

How can a woman determine how she is perceived by the world, and even by herself?

On this edition, we hear stories of women who are using their bodies for political protest, and as tools of self-empowerment…forcing everyone to reevaluate their perspectives on the female form.


  • Neda Topaloski & Xenia Chernyshova, Femen members
  • Galia Ackerman, author of the book “Femen”
  • Catherine KingExecutive Producer, Global Fund for Women
  • Yolando Y’Netta Harbin-Venson, Big Ol Pretty Girls owner
  • Jenny “Diva” Davis, clothing designer Diva’s Exquisite Designs.

Host: Jasmin Lopez

Producers: Andrew Stelzer, Laura Flynn, George Lavender

Contributing Producers: Sujata Dey, Aqueila Lewis, Mark Valcour

This show features a segment from Aqueila Lewis, our second Community Storytelling Fellow.

Click here for more information on the fellowship.

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