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Why focus on the normally under represented community of A.A.C. in the media?

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IMG_0773As I prepare for my show for Making Contact on the public view of people who use A.A.C., I would like to comment on why covering the under represented A.A.C. community in the media is so important.

People who use A.A.C., especially those who have both speech disabilities and mobility disabilities, are very marginalized in our society and thus do not get profiled in our media too much except when we are seen as victims or as doing something exceptional in spite of our disability. That is why the media should cover our community more, so the public will have a fuller perspective of who we are as people.

In my show I will interview a few people I know who use A.A.C. to give a variety of voices of those that are in the community. It is my hope that listeners to the program will recognize that our lives are just as full and complex as their own.

Please listen in to the program in September.

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