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Mexico’s Drug War: The Politics of Violence


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Javier Sicilia in 2011. Photo by Flickr user sarihuella.

We’ve all heard about the violence resulting from the Mexican drug trade, but how did things get so bad? Six years into a militaristic drug-war strategy employed by Mexico’s government, why are things even worse? On this edition, political science professor David Shirk sheds light on the history and politics of the war on drugs in Mexico. Plus an emerging movement in Mexico points to how both Mexicans and Americans can play a role in creating change.

Special thanks to the Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico for sharing their recording.

David Shirk, political science professor at the University of San Diego; Raul Romero, Movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity organizer; Janice Gallagher, Cornell University Department of Government PhD student; Javier Sicilia, poet and father of drug war victim; Eder Sanchez, pro-marijuana legalization advocate

Web Extras:
David Shirk’s full length lecture at the Lannan Foundation

David Shirk and Peter Smith’s post lecture discussion

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Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego
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Le Reina del Inframundo by Lila Downs

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