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Cities Underwater: Venice and New Orleans Seek Solutions


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We’ve all seen how high water devastated New Orleans. But another historic city, Venice, Italy is struggling to plan for sea level rise. Here, we learn about cities that routinely flood because of questionable urban planning.

On this edition, Producer Zoe Sullivan takes us to both Venice and New Orleans, to look at some creative solutions they’re trying, and what other coastal cities might do as the effects of climate change set in.


Tim Kerner, mayor of Jean Lafitte, LA; Dr. Denise Reed, University of New Orleans geology professor; Greg Miller, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers coastal restoration Branch chief, John Barry, ‘Rising Tide” author; Scott Eustis, Gulf Restoration Network coastal wetland specialist; Giovanni Cecconi, Consorzio Venezia Nuova chief engineer; Pino Sartori, Associazione La Salsola vice president; Jane Da Mosto, Venice in Peril research fellow; Emily Clark, Tulane University history professor; David Waggoner, architect, Alberto Vitucci, La Nuova journalist; Gabriele Zennaro, store owner in Venice, Liz & Jody Sigler, New Orleans residents, Carlo Magnani, Venice Institute of Urban Architecture architect, Cristiano Gasparetto, Venice resident; Earl Long, former Louisiana governor.

Freelance producer Zoe Sullivan thanks all of her SpotUS supporters and gives special thanks to David Waggoner, who participated in her documentary and who recently donated $100 to her for distribution. Thanks also to Catherine Komp who edited early versions of this piece.

In the below audio slideshow, Zoe Sullivan examines the approaches Venice and New Orleans are using to deal with floods and loss of natural wetlands. Reposted from Miller-McCune.

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