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A Woman’s Rise to Power: Struggle and Success


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Former Chilean President Michele Bachelet. Credit: Soul Sense (Oscar Ordenes)/ Flickr

Saudi Arabia’s decision to allow women to vote has been hailed as a major step forward—very few nations still allow such overt discrimination.  But there are still fewer than 20 female heads of state around the world.  And even when women rise to the top, challenges remain.  On this edition, a former President, a Supreme Court justice and other women leaders reflect on the battles they’ve won, and just how far there still is to go.

Special thanks to the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court justice; Michelle Bachelet, former Chilean president and executive director of UN WOMEN; Jean Quan, mayor of Oakland, CA; Sandy Threlfall, Oakland Suffrage Committee chair; Nancy Skinner; California State Assembly member; Yvonne Nunn, Girl Scout troop leader.


Full length recording of conversation between Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and UC Hastings Professor Joan C. Williams.  September 15, 2011.


Full length recording of ,”Women’s Rights: A Global Challenge”, a speech by Michele Bachelet, former Chilean President and Executive Director of UN Women.  April 14, 2001.  Presented by the Center for Latin American Studies at UC Berkeley


Full length video of Professor Joan Williams conversation with Justice Ruth Bader at the UC Hastings School of Law:

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