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Remixing Revolution: Art, Music and Politics


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Jennifer Johns peforms outside of an Oxford, MS debate. Photo courtesy of flickr user

The arts have played an essential role in defining our history and our culture. Yet when economic times are hard, the arts are seen as a luxury we can do without. For many cultural activists, supporting and preserving the arts is fundamental to create social awareness, environmental sustainability and political change. On this edition, we bring you the voices of artists discussing their mediums and how they use art to change the world.

Special thanks to Michael Orange, Top Ten Social Speaker Series and Oakland School of the Arts, Black Box Theatre.


Moderated by Abel Habtegeoris, media relations manager at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Marc Bamuthi Joseph, artistic director at Life is Living, artist cultural activist; Jennifer Johns, founder of Go Live, singer, songwriter and Rich Medina, DJ, music producer and poet.


Full panel discussion, ‘The God’s Must Be Crazy: Reviving the Black Supernatural Experience, Black Box Theatre, Oakland, CA on June 30, 2011. Note: contains explicit language’.

Q&A with panel, moderated by Abel Habtegeoris of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights


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