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Still ‘Fracking’:
The Perils of Natural Gas Drilling


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Scenes from the movie 'Gasland.' Source:

This week, we revisit a recent show about a natural gas drilling method called “hydraulic fracturing” or “fracking.”

While the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has increased calls to use natural gas as a so-called ‘clean energy’ alternative, activists are sounding the alarm bell about this controversial gas drilling technique.

We’ll hear excerpts from the academy award-nominated documentary, “Gasland.”

We’ll also hear from people from Pennsylvania to the mountains of Colorado who are trying to prevent the toxic fallout from ‘fracking’ before it starts.

Special thanks to Josh Fox, the producer of ‘Gasland,’ and to Alton Byrd and Rachel Zurer for helping to produce this show.


Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting President; Josh Fox, ‘Gasland’ movie producer; Weston Wilson, EPA employee not speaking on behalf of the EPA; Oil and gas industry executives; Pat Farnelli, Norma Fiorintino, Ron & Jean Carter, Dimock, PA residents; Dr. Theo Colborn, Endocrine Disruption Exchange President; Paul Light, Grand Valley Citizen’s Alliance President; Rachel Waldholz, High Country News Correspondent; Maurice Hinchey, New York State Representative, 22nd District; Wes Gillingham, Catskill Mountainkeeper Program Director.

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Posted Jun 25, 2010 by Sarah Laskow

Author: Radio Project

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