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Conscious Youth Media Crew

Conscious Youth Media Crew

Art is everywhere…from ancient cave paintings to metropolitan opera houses. But why do we do it? Why do we create symbols of our cultural experience and labor to tell the world who we are through artistic expressions? On this edition, we speak with young artists of diverse backgrounds and motivations who use their independent experiences and creative impulses to talk about race, identity, and politics, and along the way to self-reflect.


Angelina Jackson, spoken word artist; Chinaka Hodge, poet and playwright, ‘Mirrors in Every Corner’; Daveed Diggs, actor, ‘Mirrors in Every Corner’; Evan Bissell, artist and youth educator, ‘Mirrors in Every Corner’; Brian MacArthur, co-director of independent film ‘A Choice of Weapons.’

Poet Angelina Jackson on Self Expression
Through Art

Angelina Jackson is an African American poet and spoken word artist who grew up on the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Executive Producer Tena Rubio spoke with her about why she feels self expression through art and writing is so important.

Chinaka Hodge Discusses Debut Play
‘Mirrors in Every Corner’

How do we talk about race in contemporary America?  That’s what 25-year-old poet and playwright Chinaka Hodge is trying to answer in her debut play, ‘Mirrors in Every Corner.’  Correspondent Emily Wilson spoke with Chinaka on the significance of exploring important personal and social issues through art.

Brian MacArthur Talks About New Film
‘A Choice of Weapons’

Brian MacArthur is co-director of ‘A Choice of Weapons,’ a film made through Conscious Youth Media Crew. It’s an organization that trains San Francisco’s high risk youth in digital media.  Correspondent Joaquin Palomino spoke with Brian.

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