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La Llorona: An Evolving Myth (encore)


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LaLloronaHuman beings love to tell stories. And myths are the ultimate in storytelling.

A good myth has stood the test of time, and somehow, tens or even hundreds of years later, the story continues to have meaning for those who tell it.

La Llorona is one such myth.

The story of the weeping woman has been told since the time of the Spanish conquest, all over Mexico and the American Southwest. Today, wherever Mexicans and Mexican-Americans live, the myth continues.

In a special collaboration between National Radio Project and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, student producer Beth Hoffman brings us a look at the myth of La Llorona as told in Oakland, California today, and tells how its meaning has grown and changed over time.


Alicia Diaz, Samuel Martinez, Cecilia Rodriguez, Luz Salazar, Monica Pasqual, Florencia Luna, Cristian Luna.

Contributing Producer on this show: Beth Hoffman
Associate Producer on this show: Puck Lo


“La Llorona” by Lila Downs off Border (La Lina)
“La Llorona” by Blame Sally on Blame Sally
“La Llorona” by Frank Corrales
“La Llorona” by Voodoo Glow Skulls
“La Llorona” by Muna Zul
“La Llorona” by DJ Toshiro
“La Llorona” by Onda Nice
“La Llorona” by Gilda Cruz-Romo
“La Llorona: the Crying Woman” by Los Cameros de Mi Valles
“La Llorona” by Enrique Delgado
“La Llorona” by Pablo Castano
“La Llorona” by Sones de Mexico Ensemble
“La Llorona” by Volano

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