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Iraq, Iran, Pakistan: Dahr Jamail and David Barsamian in Conversation


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Victims of US air strike, Balad, March 2006.  Source:

Victims of US air strike, Balad, March 2006. Source:

A severe lack of unembedded reporting on the Iraq war has resulted in a corresponding lack of information about the realities of this war. What truths go unreported? Will the Bush administration attack Iran? What will the increased militarization in Pakistan mean for the Middle East? How will the United States government and the people respond?

On this edition, independent journalists David Barsamian and Dahr Jamail tackle Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and our relationship to each of these countries. Hear their provocative conversation from a live-audience recording event in San Francisco; a benefit for Making Contact.


David Barsamian and Dahr Jamail, book authors and independent journalists.

Music: “Fly Away” Omar Faruk Tekbilek, “Long Wait” Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Interns: Samson Reiny, Joaquin Palomino and Elena Botkin-Levy

This show was produced by Elena Botkin-Levy as part of Making Contact’s internship program.

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