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Renaissance Village: FEMA’s Dirty Secret


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Renaissance Village Trailer Park Source: Boston Globe

Renaissance Village Trailer Park Source: Boston Globe

It’s called Renaissance Village. But don’t let the name fool you. It’s the largest FEMA trailer park in the country. It is located about a hundred miles north of New Orleans in Baker, Louisiana.

Right after Hurricane Katrina and Rita, thousands were sent to live there. More than two years after the storm, hundreds of families are still stuck in the trailer park.

We will hear from youth living in Renaissance Village, as well as women living in other FEMA-run trailer parks. We will also hear from those trying to help them get out.


Saket Soni, New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice; Eric Walker, Rasheka London, Keyana London, Renaissance Village youth; Anchanese Levison, Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights; Vicktoria Cintra, FEMA trailer park resident.

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Contributing Freelance Producers: the People’s Production House, Ancahnese Levison, Eric Walker, Rasheka London and Keyana London.
Interns: Samson Reiny, Joaquin Palomino, and Elena Botkin-Levy

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