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Women Rising X: International Changemakers – Human Rights Advocates


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From top: Huwaida Arraf, Maria LaHood, Patricia Isasa.  Source:,,

From top: Huwaida Arraf, Maria LaHood, Patricia Isasa. Source:,,

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society. In this program we profile three courageous human rights advocates.

Palestinian-American Huwaida Arraf founded an organization that monitors the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Maria LaHood is an American lawyer who takes on high profile human rights cases, like that of Maher Arrar, who was a victim of “extraordinary rendition” at the hands of the US government. Argentinian Patricia Isasa is an activist who is bringing to justice those who detained and tortured her in her own country, and is fighting against The School of the Americas.

This Women’s Desk program is a special collaboration with the Women Rising Radio Project, Lynn Feinerman and Crown Sephira Productions.


Huwaida Arraf, founder, International Solidarity Movement (ISM); Maria LaHood, lead attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights; Patricia Isasa, activist and former torture victim.

Program Producer: Lynn Feinerman
Senior Producer: Tena Rubio
Guest Host: Sandina Robbins
Mixing Engineer: Antonio Ortiz
Intern: Alexis McCrimmon

For more information:

International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

Center for Constitutional Rights – New York, NY

School of Americas Watch – Washington, DC

American Civil Liberties Union – New York, NY

Amnesty International – New York, NY

Human Rights Watch – New York, NY

Physicians for Human Rights – Cambridge, MA

Rabbis for Human Rights – Jerusalem, Israel

Survivors International – San Francisco, CA

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