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The Color of Wealth


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Meizhu Lui. Source: United for a Fair Economy

Meizhu Lui. Source: United for a Fair Economy

Income generation is one indicator of power differences between racial groups in the United States. For instance, in 1968 African Americans made 55 cents for every dollar a white person made. In 2004, it was 58 cents. But accumulated wealth, not income alone, may be the most revealing index of inequality.

So why the disparities? Author and organizer¬†Meizhu Lui has some answers. Lui is from a family of Chinese immigrants. She was a kitchen worker for 20 years, and she rose through the labor ranks to become president of her local union. Now she’s executive director of United for a Fair Economy, a non-partisan group that raises awareness about the damaging consequences of concentrated wealth and power in the United States.

Lui recently co-authored the book “The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide.” She spoke in San Francisco at Cody’s Books in June 2006. National Radio Project held a small joint-fundraiser reception with Meizhu Lui when she was in San Francisco on her book tour.

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Intern and technical assistant: Alexis McCrimmon.
Speech recorded by Yasuyo Nagata.

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