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Women Rising IV: International Changemakers Women as Religious Activists (encore edition)


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Muslim lesbian feminist Irshad Manji is escorted to a speaking engagement in Queens, NY.  Source: Queens University The Journal

Muslim lesbian feminist Irshad Manji is escorted to a speaking engagement in Queens, NY. Source: Queens University The Journal

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world, fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society. In this program we profile three courageous women struggling with religious issues. Elana Rozenman is co-director of the Women’s Interfaith Encounter in the Middle East. Irshad Manji is a Canadian Muslim lesbian and feminist who wants a reformation of her own faith. And Regina O’Callahan helped found the Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum to support religious diversity in her country.

This Women’s Desk program is a special collaboration with the Women Rising Radio Project, Lynn Feinerman and Crown Sephira Productions.


Elana Rozenman, Co-Director of the Women’s Interfaith Encounter; Irshad Manji, Author; Regina O’Callahan, Founder, Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum.

Producer/Writer: Lynn Feinerman
Host: Sandina Robbins

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Irshad Manji

Elana Rozenman

Regina O’Callahan

Review of this program on PRX (Public Radio Exchange):

Posted: 07-08-2005
Reviewer: Dheera Sujan (Radio Netherlands)

There’s one word that pretty much describes the impact of listening to the three women selected to be on this programme: WOW. Elana Rosenman, Ishan Manji and Regina O’Callahan are all hyper articulate and I could easily have kept listening to each one for an hour. Elana Rosenman talks about how the experience of seeing her son all but killed by a suicide bomb attack turned her towards the interfaith movement is made all the more by her gentle reasoning manner. Regina O’Callahan says that faith cannot be threatened by knowledge – only dogma can. Ishan Manji mentions that she’d just received yet another death threat on her email saying that what happened to Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh would soon happen to her (he was ritually slaughtered by several stab wounds). Yet she has never wavered from her path – trying to tell the world of the inherent feminism of Islam and to speak against its more fanatic interpretations. She continues to have the courage to speak out – we the broadcasters must give her the forum to do so. If you’re a station that is looking for intelligent, unbiased and gripping talk content, please play this piece.

Rating: 5/5
Adjectives: Emotional, Engaging, Personal

Author: Radio Project

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