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Tased… and Abused?


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Sgt. Greg Bingham, Taser Coordinator for Oakland Police Deptartment, sparks an Advanced Taser M26.  Source: Justin Beck

Sgt. Greg Bingham, Taser Coordinator for Oakland Police Deptartment, "sparks" an Advanced Taser M26. Source: Justin Beck

Are Tasers killing people? Are they being abused by police? And how are communities responding to what are marketed as less-lethal weapons?

On this edition, we take a look at the trouble over Taser International, the biggest brand name in stun gun technology. We’ll hear from a number of sources close to the controversy: including law enforcement, activists, medical experts, company spokespeople, and one woman who says a Taser contributed to the death of her husband.


Scott Vermeer, Mountain View, CA police chief; Janleah Post, Mountain View, CA police officer; Barbara Goodwin, Mountain View resident; Sergeant Greg Bingham, Oakland, Calif. Police Department; Mona Cadena, field director, Amnesty International’s Western Regional Office; Steve Tuttle, Taser International; Mark Schlosberg, director, ACLU of Northern California; Dr. Mark Kroll, Taser Scientific and Medical Advisory Board; Dr. Zian Tseng, cardiologist, University of California San Francisco Medical Center; Malaika Parker, director, Bay Area Police Watch; Virginia Yeagley, wife of man who died after being Tased; Joe Saunders, Yeagley’s attorney; Laurie Fridell, professor, University of South Florida at Tampa; Edward Jackson, regional media director, Amnesty International; Bob Gruder, CEO, Stinger Systems.

This week’s host: Justin Beck.
Contributing producer: Andrew Stelzer.

For more information:

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ACLU of Northern California – San Francisco, CA

The Ella Baker Center – Oakland, CA

Oakland Police Department – Oakland, CA

Mountain View Police Department – Mountain View, CA

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Author: Radio Project

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