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Salmon. Source: University of Washington

Salmon. Source: University of Washington

Without the Salmon there would be no Pacific Northwest as we know it. And yet since 1991, most of the salmon runs in the Northwest have been listed as threatened or endangered. This spring on the Columbia River, the fewest fish in years are returning upstream to spawn.

On this edition, producer Barbara Bernstein takes us on a journey into the land of salmon. Why are they so significant and what will it take to keep them from disappearing?


John Kitzhaber, former Oregon governor; Bill Lang, history professor, Portland State University; Lillian Pitt, visual artist and tribal member of Warm Springs Indian Reservation; Louie Pitt, director of government affairs and planning, Warm Springs Indian Reservation; John Westerholm, fisherman; Bruce Miller, Skokomish Yakama; Tom Jay, sculptor and writer; Bill Robins, history professor, Oregon State University; Seth Zuckerman, writer and expert on salmon; Sara Mall, artist; Buzz Ramsey, NW Sportfishing Industry Association; Olney Patt, director, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission.

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