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Refusing to Fight


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Iraq war veteran and war resister Camilo Mejia.  Source:

Iraq war veteran and war resister Camilo Mejia. Source:

With the U.S. occupation of Iraq in the middle of its third year, a small but growing number of Iraq war veterans are refusing to continue their military service. They are risking jail time, dishonorable discharge from the military, and public humiliation, to take a stand against the war. On this edition, produced by correspondent Sarah Olson, we will hear from a handful of these soldiers about how their personal experience transformed their convictions about war.


Kevin Benderman, Army mechanic; Camilo Mejia, Army staff sergeant; Aidan Delgado, conscientious objector; Tim Goodrich, co-founder, Iraq Veterans Against the War; Sean O¹Neill, U.S. Marines; Sean Scharf, U.S. Marines.

This week’s host: Justin Beck. Produced by: Sarah Olson.

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