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Fake News Flap – VNRs and Covert Propaganda


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You’ve heard of WMDs, but what about VNRs? What are VNRs and how is the government using them as weapons of mass deception? On this week’s edition, we’ll take a look at video news releases and the VNR industry. We’ll see how California’s governor is using them to promote the state’s policies on workers. We’ll also talk to a public relations expert who’s been called a fake reporter for producing VNRs for the Bush administration.


Paul Koretz, California Assemblymember; Art Pulaski, Treasurer, California Labor Federation; Shum Preston, spokesperson, California Nurses Association; Rick Rice, Undersecretary, California Labor and Workforce Development Agency; Dan Rosenheim, News Director, KPIX-TV; John Stauber, author and public relations critic; Sean Smith, Public Lands Campaign Director, Bluewater Network; Porter Versfelt, video producer.

For more information:

Assemblymember Paul Koretz

California Labor Federation (Headquarters) – Oakland, CA

California Nurses Association (Headquarters) – Oakland, CA

California Labor and Workforce Development Agency – Sacramento, CA

CBS 5 – San Francisco, CA

Center for Media and Democracy –  Madison, WI

Bluewater Network – San Francisco, CA

Versfelt Communications Group, Inc.

Author: Radio Project

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