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Unauthorized Disclosure: Blowing the Whistle on Government Crimes


Working for the United States Defense Department in the 1960s, Daniel Ellsberg photocopied classified documents about the war in Vietnam. The public disclosure of this information eventually helped bring down a president and end a war. On this edition, we hear from former federal employees who jeopardized their careers to expose official wrongdoing. We’ll also hear about Ellsberg’s latest whistleblowing activities.


Sandy Nunn, former U.S. Customs agent; Tom Devine, legal director, Government Accountability Project; C. Fred Alford, scholar and author; Daniel Ellsberg, author, lecturer, and former Defense Department employee; Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator.

Daniel Ellsberg is a supporter of National Radio Project.

For more information:

Government Accountability Project – Washington, D.C.

Department of Government and Politics – College Park, MD

The Truth Telling Project

Author: Sabine Blaizin

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