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Patagonian Winds of Resistance


In the midst of a shattered economy in Argentina, US-based Meridian Gold acquired a gold deposit in Patagonia worth an estimated one billion dollars. This mining project, however, could damage the natural environment and the local community’s way of life. On this edition of Making Contact’s Pauline Bartolone traveled to the small town of Esquel in Southern Argentina, where the residents successfully halted the gold mining venture. Their struggle is part of a larger movement of social transformation in Argentina.


Mailin Ocampo, anti-mine activist; Javier Rodriguez Pardo, environmental scientist; Pablo Quintana, journalist; Manolo Macayo, lawyer and bookstore owner; Sylvia Gonzales, organic chemist, Univeridad de Patagonia, Esquel; Laura Miserendino, scientist, Universidad de Patagonia, Esquel; Marta Saores, chemist and retired professor; Marisa Vite, anti-mine activist.

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Author: Sabine Blaizin

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